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    I believe God set me up ! HopeFiend popped up in my head one day and the next day I asked a guy who made t shirts at my church could he make a shirt that said HOPEFIEND for me and BOOM ! There it was, I loved it . I practically wanted to live in the shirt. I wore it everywhere. I went to buy a sandwich one afternoon , I walked up to the counter and the guy at the register said “how can I help you HOPEFIEND ? “  It was almost like the shirt was my name tag.

If you’re wondering what I ordered, it was a smoke salmon sandwich.

He asked where he could buy the shirt, I wanted to tell him it was just something I had printed for myself but then God hit a switch in me, and I told him I could have it printed for him by the end of the week.

That $20 changed my life. What can I say God spoke to my through a sandwich and it made me realize there was a entrepreneur in me. I studied for a year learning the ins and outs of the business . My wife saw my passion and invested in the vision and brought my first screen printing machine. That was the beginning of TheHopeFiendLife.

*** This company was built on a miracle 1 fish and 2 slices of bread the rest is history **
lol 😂.











Warning our apparel is inspired by GOD, it will bless you and the people you encounter.

We believe we can change the culture one person at a time and it starts with you all you have to do is 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Trust God• Stay Fly & Live A Good Life.

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