About us

Let’s get to know each other. My name is Lorenzo, but you can call me Zo, I’m the owner and creative visionary of TheHopeFiendLife.

We are located in Baltimore Md and have been up and running since 2014.
What is a Hopefiend? What separates us from other brands? I’m glad you asked, growing up in the city of Baltimore, if someone asked what a dope fiend was, the response would be someone who was addicted to drugs, well we are the complete opposite. A HopeFiend is someone who is addicted to FAITH. When dope fiends nod, they never fall, if you see a Hopefiend with their head down (relax) we’re in prayer.
God is the only one that can keep us from falling, but if we should happen to fall, we don’t stay there we get back up wiser so we don’t make the same mistakes.

At TheHopeFiendLife each design is printed and packaged by us, our motto is “Trust God, Stay Fly, and Live a Good Life”.